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> As a note, the name is used on all mediawiki installs, it is not something 
> that
> is going to be made a config option, so consensus at wikipedia (on the off
> chance you actually get it) does not necessarily imply it will be changed.
> (otoh it could convince the powers to be that a lot of people care, which 
> might
> convince them that its a worthwhile change, but honestly I can't imagine too
> many devs actually care what this page is called. I certainly don't.).

Assuming you are correct, there may very well be at least one dev who cares,
and that would be Tim Starling, who above indicates that the present name was
settled upon as an ironic term.  A choice bit of "dev humour"?  It is important
to me that Mr. Starling and all devs know that the request for a name change is
in no way meant to be taken personally.  The only reason that I've involved
myself in this issue is to improve this page.  Calling these images, files and
media "bad" is like calling a screwdriver bad just because some idiot criminal
used it to murder somebody. 
Just as important is the actual impact of this request.  Does it involve
changing one line of code that will take maybe 30 seconds to implement? or will
it take many subtle and intricate code modifications involving hours of dev
time?  Nobody seems to know the answer to this. 
Over a fairly long period of time there have been many editors who voiced their
feeling that the present name needs to be changed.  Perusing the archived and
active discussions about this issue would seemingly be enough to convince
anybody that there is a need to rename this page.  The usage of these images,
files and media on this list is being "restricted".  They are not "bad", nor
are they "blacklisted".  For me, the bottom line must be that if this page
could have been renamed in the same fashion as most pages are renamed, then it
would have been renamed a long time ago.

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