--- Comment #5 from Derk-Jan Hartman <> 2011-02-16 21:53:16 
UTC ---
that doesn't mean that the SVGs are necessarily ok. just that we were more
lenient in the past.

For the first one:

SvgHandler::getMetadata: Expected <svg> tag, got svg:svg
/Users/hartman/Development/phase3/images/4/44/QA_icon_own_version.svg loaded,
11021 bytes, image/svg+xml.
LocalFile::upgradeRow: upgrading QA_icon_own_version.svg to the current schema
DatabaseBase::query: Writes done: UPDATE  `image` SET img_width =
'0',img_height = '0',img_bits = '0',img_media_type = 'DRAWING',img_major_mime =
'image',img_minor_mime = 'svg+xml',img_metadata = '0',img_sha1 =
'dr2uqjc96l4dzt8jkgw5997pa9098jj' WHERE img_name = 'QA_icon_own_version.svg'
Class SkinVector not found; skipped loading

That seems like a fixable bug. i'll make a patch.

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