--- Comment #1 from Tim Starling <> 2011-02-17 02:40:07 
UTC ---
My testing indicates that even in 1.16, an empty string was used for false for
toggles where the default is true. User::getBoolOption() will return an
appropriately typed value, but all it does is (bool)$value. 

SpecialPrefSwitch::isSwitchedOn() and WikiEditorHooks::isEnabled() both make
use of PHP's double-equals operator to perform implicit conversion from string
to integer or boolean, and surprisingly, this appears to work correctly. 

Perhaps the issue is actually the usebetatoolbar-cgd option. WikiEditor is
disabled by omitting its module from the output. When usebetatoolbar-cgd is
enabled, the ext.wikiEditor.dialogs is added to $wgOut, which depends on
ext.wikiEditor.toolbar. So both are loaded and the toolbar is automatically
shown. When I tested it on Wikipedia, the old toolbar was shown only when both
preferences were disabled.

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