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            Version|1.17                        |unspecified
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            Summary|<gallery> has a white       |Remove white
                   |background now              |background-color from
                   |                            |

--- Comment #11 from Krinkle <> 2011-02-18 17:18:28 UTC ---
This white background color is not new. It's been white since r54097:

Since 1.17 they are UL's and the selector was changed to in r77411 :

Commons specifically has had some javascript running that changed the layout of
tables, this, as a side-effect, caused that core css not to apply because it
changed the classes.

Now that the fluid functionality is in core, the core classes apply again (as
they did on all other wikis anyways).

In the spirit of lines no longer going through tables, images and lists (bug
26449, solved in r79087 and r79091)'s background may be dropped

Changing summary as, again, this is not new in 1.17 at all.

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