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--- Comment #22 from Purodha Blissenbach <> 
2011-02-19 12:03:45 UTC ---
For German and many related languages, the "digit space letter" rule would be
wrong too often, I believe.
Few examples translated to English, using "_" to represent the nonbreaking

1) word space digit rules:
  the year 1960 and  ==> year_1960 and
  a class 23354 consumer good ==> a class_23354 consumer good
  laid down in ISO 4711 and not in ==> in ISO_4711 and
  an ASA 22 film ==> an ASA_22 film
  this is in paragraph 16 of the law on ==> in paragraph_16 of
  but article 3 in the constitution ==> but article_3 in
  king Henry 8 did ==> king Henry_8 did

2) more complex:
  the years 1970 and 71 ==> years 1970_and_71
  is 17 and a half miles from home ==> is 17_and_a_half_miles from home
  was 18 miles and three eighth until ==> was 18_miles and three_eighth until
  my 22 years old sister ==> my 22_years_old sister
  took 23 years until ==> took 22_years until

I doubt, that this can be had in a language independent way. We still would
have not so few false positives, such as:

  found the article 19 feet behind the 
  went in that year 1999 soldiers to
  according to ISO 1234 people in Spain

(Note that, English word order and comma rules make English much less prone to
some of those)

Currencies, and their abbreviations, can appear both in front of, and after the
figures they relate to, so we should have both a " curreny space [+-] digit "
and a " digit space currency " rule and probably tolerate " In week 17 € 1500
were spent " unless we can make a " 'week' space digit " rule eat the 17 on its
own, hiding it from the cureency rules.

Also, there are style rules like these:

  we saw 1 young man ==> saw a young man / saw one young man
  not even 7 sailors ==> not even seven sailors
  when 12 candles ==> when twelve candles
  with 13 grumps ==> with 13_grumps

So I suggest a language specific, or language group specific, kind of

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