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Path to order userprefs correctly

OK, patch attached that will fix this. However, first some comments.

1: The order of loading these items is actually affixed in buildCssLinks() of
It was
other (static stuff, and all private modules, including user preferences css)
dynamiclinks (here is where the old style skins and other unported material
will be)

2: The type of the ResourceLoaderUserOptionsModule is private, not user and
buildcsslinks puts private modules with the 'other' modules.

I considered changing this simply to user, in the hope that that would fix it,
but I don't know what kind of consequences that has for caching etc. Also since
this order is actually rather specific, I went with the approach in my path.

I created an improved order in buildCssLinks that manually makes sure that the
css from the preferences is between the site css and the user css (as it has
always been). I'm also using a for loop, though we could of course continue to
use array_merge, in my experience though, it ordered 1 2 3 as 132 for some
strange reason, so i went with the foreach approach instead.

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