--- Comment #11 from Waldir <> 2011-02-20 21:15:51 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> The above links seems to request a change to "Wikipedista", so I am not going
> to add namespaces aliases possibly unwanted by the community.

(Assuming you mean the links I posted) The first one barely contains any
consensus. Too few people participated and it consisted mostly of ideas thrown
in a brainstorming, without any attempt to reach consensus. I added it for
completeness and historical reference.

The second link does indeed gather a community decision (though not by any
significant consensus, 27 people for the change vs. 25 against) to alter the
namespace from "usuário" to "wikipedista". This was requested here (bug 9587)
and refused since it's Wikipedia-specific (not even WMF-specific since there's
also wiktionary, etc).

I am only adding this comment for future reference; however, I do think it's
unfortunate that ptwiki uses a Brazilian term for user rather than the more
neutral "utilizador" (which is acceptable in all variants of Portuguese). I
will add my support if a proposal to remove the Brazilian-specific
customizations  at ptwikipedia (mentioned by Leinad above) is made.

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