--- Comment #5 from Neil Kandalgaonkar <> 2011-02-22 
18:48:47 UTC ---
Flickr can do that because they are not in the business of making an
encyclopedia. If you're happy with your upload, that's all that matters. Flickr
is only sorta-kinda in the business of making a shared resource for the world.
Something like 2% of Flickr's images are well-tagged. Virtually all images on
Flickr are untagged or have terrible auto-numbered titles or other
characteristics that make them useless to the rest of the web. 

So IMO there legitimately can be at least a few paragraphs of help, for
instance, on how to make a good title, and how to avoid common mistakes. There
are a lot of things on Commons with titles like "Head shot 001.jpg" and it's
impossible for software to detect this is totally useless.

Even if it was possible to summarize all the best advice in a few lines of
pop-up help, our theory was that there should be an outlet for those in the
community who want to write such guides, and there are some minority of
uploaders who want to read them.

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