--- Comment #1 from Brion Vibber <> 2011-02-22 21:04:09 UTC ---
The PHP warning message here indicates an exception (or possibly some other
error, but I can definitely reproduce it with an exception) in the callback
function to array_map() -- this seems to happen even if the exception is
caught, which is pretty lame.

The only array_map() call here is to $this->formatItem(), so most likely
something in there or in the many things called from there had an error.

There should have been a separate log line for errors or exceptions in there,
which might make it rather easier to track down the specific issue.

Without that there may be nothing too specific to look at if nothing pops out;
if this is a frequent error rather than a one-off, consider adding some debug
logging around it, possibly a try/catch which can add logging if an exception
is indeed being thrown in there.

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