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> (In reply to comment #0)
> > Steps:
> > 1. Use document.write to include JS.
> > 2. Use document.write (not in onload!) to create dynamic CSS.
> > 
> > Example script attached.
> > 
> There's no attachment.

Sorry, I meant linked. It's this one:
Have a look at what happens in "Fast CSS init" block of code.

> > I know what you think about document.write, but the bottom line is that it 
> > used
> > to work and it was a valid usage. If there is a workaround for that then I'm
> > not aware of it.
> > 
> document.write isn't necessarily evil, there are cases in which its use its
> warranted. ResourceLoader itself uses it, even. However, RL will have broken
> many usages of document.write that previously used to work.
> Also, could you describe what happened before and what happens now?

It used to work as if the CSS were loaded like normal, linked in header. This
is because I used document.write to insert a style element with some rules. Now
it looks like the page is being loaded and only after the elements are loaded
the CSS is applied. I'm guessing that this is because some scripts were moved
from the header below the footer. Hm... So anyway is there any workaround for

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