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--- Comment #8 from Krinkle <> 2011-02-24 12:30:06 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> I've ported a gadget on the English Wikipedia for new page patrol to a more
> general script that works on any wiki (not just en.wikipedia) and works for
> edit-patrol aswell:
> Can be put in userscript, gadget or sitewide Commons.js of a wiki.
> Should work on non-WMF wikis aswell.
> Could be used as a base if and when this comes to core. It's just a few lines
> of javascript really.
> Could be made even shorter with jQuery (will do that soon).
Done that a few weeks ago.

This script (and many others like it) float around on 100s of wikis. The thing
they have in common is that they turn the index.php call into an ajax request
and if it has code 200 they indicate in the link that it's succeeded.

In the coming weeks I'll work in a script to do this through the api instead.

We can't do an index.php ajax call in the core imho, to save resources (since
calling index.php will return the entire HTML page with all the messages,
preferences etc. on it – all redundant stuff not used and wasting processing

It will also be faster for the client (since index.php takes longer to load and
returns more data) and allows for better error reporting as well (depending on
the status code is not reliable since a 'patrol error page' is (and should be)
also code 200.
Some of the ajax patrol scripts out there look through the returned HTML to see
if it cointains certain words to indicate succesful/error state but this is
both language dependant and prone to breakage whenever those messages are
changed (either by the software or by the local wiki).

When this script is ready and tested as a gadget I'll most likely add it to
core as a preference (to acompany "preview.js" / livepreview).


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