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> It would be nice if could redirect to
>, and if entering : in the search bar and
> clicking Go didn't necessarily lead to the Main Page. The same applies to |, 
> [,
> ] and #.

I'm fairly sure there's another bug that covers this. This seems largely
unrelated to the rest of the opening comment (below), in any case.

> Why not create a page in MediaWiki namespace where redirects from
> invalid titles -- or from page titles that were used as intentionally 
> permanent
> red links -- could be specified by admins?

I don't see the use-case for this feature. Is there a particular functionality
you're looking for? "Bad" titles can now be prevented with the use of
extensions (e.g., the TitleBlacklist extension). In addition, pages can be
protected from creation in MediaWiki core nowadays. For demonstration purposes,
it's always trivial to come up with a title that wouldn't exist on a particular

With this in mind, I'd recommend closing this bug.

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