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Hello Ashar,

E-mail client is web-based and called Sun Convergence (provided by Sun
Microsystems). It seems to be written in Java.

I would be very happy to fix the problem myself by adding the required space
between the end of the URL and the closing parenthesis if only I knew how...

I didn't find any mention of a possibility of editing the text. I thought it
was hardcoded.

Best regards,
Peter Deli


(In reply to comment #1)
> Which email client do you use?
> Note: IIRC we send such emails in plain text, hence the <a> is rendered by the
> mail user agent. Some implementations might just end the link at the first
> white space encountered.
> Possible way to fix it would be to add an extra space after the URL to prevent
> bad parsing from the clients.

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