--- Comment #9 from Michael Dale <> 2011-02-25 15:40:16 UTC ---
Lupo your right. Older versions of IE need  onreadystatechange furthermore IE
sometimes fire the onreadystatechange event before the script has been fully
parsed. So you get symbol undefined errors when you directly run the callback.

jQuery GlobalEval address this issue, but makes debugging more tricky, since
you don't always get line numbers for syntax errors. 

These issues point to either have per-browser debug mode hacks, or going back
to loading resources through the resource loader in debug mode ( so that it can
append a ready callback call. That way you can use script append ( without
globalEval ) and you can get line numbers for errors. 

In the old resource loader I had every class you load named by what it defines,
so it would check that the target variable was defined before issuing the
callback, ( letting me use script append and not worrying about onload /
globalEval issues )... But that of course won't work here, and in general
applies too much constraint to resource definitions.

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