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add new variable $wgArticleCountMethod to support adding any non-redirect in
content ns as a good article.

Here's a patch that: adds a new variable $wgArticleCountMethod to replace
$wgCommaCount, which supports 3 methods: comma, link, or any.

However, we currently don't have any maintenance scripts to rebuild the article
count. Current maintenance scripts sort of do something thats not quite

*maintenance/updateArticleCount.php Considers pages as good if they are in a
content namespace, not a redirect, and contain an outgoing internal link to
some page. This differs from Article::isCountable in that interwiki links, or
just a plain <nowiki>[[</nowiki> is not counted, where it is in
*maintenance/initStats.php (And friends in includes/SiteStats.php) Consider a
page to be a "good" article if it is in a content namespace, not a redirect,
and has a length greater than 0 (can pages even have a zero length?). This is
quite different from the article::isCountable definition.

The differences are bad since this count won't fix itself with time. 1 is added
to the count if the previous version is not good under the current definition,
and the next version is good.

For example say a page contains just 'foo[[bar]]'. You start out with the count
using [[. So this is counted as a good article. You have 1 good article
(assuming this is only article). You switch to using comma count, and make a
null edit to this page. You still have 1 good article, because mediawiki
detects that both the current and the previous version of 'foo[[bar]]' is not
good as it has no comma. So its impossible for the count to get back on track,
as its only decremented if a comma is removed (When useing comma count method),
even if there were no commas whatsoever in the wiki.

It would perhaps solve everyone's problems if we ditched the whole page link
thing, and just counted articles that are content ns, not redirect, and have a
certain size. (or if we're insistent on page links, use actual links, instead
of just looking for [[).

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