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--- Comment #6 from Ilmari Karonen <> 2011-02-26 09:41:46 UTC 
I think the real bug is that the compatibility alias "be-x-old" is listed in
the language selector in Special:Preferences to begin with.  It should just be
left out of the list and silently and automatically replaced with "be-tarask"
for any users who happen to have selected it before.  (The same should be done
for other language code aliases, such as "als" -> "gsw".)

I'm trying to think of a way to fix this with minimal code bloat.  One way to
do it would be to remove these aliases from $wgLanguageNames and move them to a
new list, say, $wgLanguageAliases or something.  Of course, this would probably
involve changes to other parts of MediaWiki which use $wgLanguageNames, such as
interwiki link handling.

Or maybe just leave $wgLanguageNames as it is, but include a list of obsolete
language codes and their replacements so that they can be filtered out of
language selectors.

(Actually, I'm not even sure what simply removing these aliases from
$wgLanguageNames would break.  Fixing language selectors for users who have
selected an alias before should be easy, since we could just check if their
chosen language is in the list and use the fallback if not.  Hmm... looks like
wfGetLangObj() assumes all valid languages are listed in either
$wgLanguageNames or $wgExtraLanguageNames, even though Language::factory()
doesn't.  We could probably just drop that check, or add an extra check for

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