--- Comment #5 from Jack Phoenix <> 2011-02-26 
15:50:59 UTC ---
SocialProfile has had (theoretical) PostgreSQL support for a while already, see
the appropriate .postgres.sql files in the SocialProfile subdirectories
for example).

As for your first patch, it looks OK but I'm not sure, and I certainly don't
want to break MySQL compatibility (although if I did, I'm sure someone would
spot it quickly and report back). In any case, I'd like to get rid of that raw
SQL construction altogether instead of just patching the existing raw SQL. That
way maybe one day SocialProfile will work with Oracle, too. :)

Mark commented on SocialProfile's MySQL-isms on; I
implemented one of his suggestions on r77339 but later had to revert it in
r79748 because the Database::unixTimestamp function was removed.

Long story short, there is some support for PostgreSQL already, but there are
plenty of code-related issues that should be fixed in order to support
PostgreSQL and other DBMSes properly. I'd like to get rid of all the raw SQL
queries first; IIRC there are also some rather nasty subqueries somewhere, too.
I unfortunately don't know much about non-MySQL DBMSes, but I'm interested in
building PostgreSQL support. Feel free to submit patches or even apply for
commit access (see for information
about that).

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