--- Comment #1 from Alex <> 2011-02-28 08:29:40 UTC ---
Additional comment: The export outputs "rdf:datatype" instead of
"rdf:Datatype". Protege (4.1b) complains about this: it causes reasoners not to
start because the schema at labels
datatype as "Datatype" and Protege imports all the files at the top of an SMW
RDF export. 

A simple 

perl -i.bak -pe 's/rdf:datatype/rdf:Datatype/g' filename 

fixes the file so Protege likes it, but perhaps you may want to change line 145
of SMW_Serializer_RDFXML.php to 

                            $this->post_ns_buffer .= ' rdf:Datatype="' .
$object->getDatatype() . '"';

(see also SMW_QP_RSSlink.php)

I am not sure if other OWL/RDF editors are as picky, but hopefully this will
help limit any problems.

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