--- Comment #2 from AnonMoos <> 2011-03-03 19:38:41 UTC ---
I don't really know, but there were a number of SVG files that became broken
when Mediawiki 1.17 brought in stricter namespace enforcement, and when the
namespace problems were fixed with these files, it then appeared that a number
of CorelDRAW files which have been being used in various Wikipedia articles for
months or years now had quite strange renderings, due to only one gradient per
file working.

The SVG support on Wikimedia Commons etc. definitely _does_ support xlink
(since a number of somewhat basic SVG functionalities would be impossible
without xlink), but in CorelDRAW files, all non-gradient stylings are applied
to the relevant elements, but only _ONE_ gradient styling works per file.  This
can perhaps be seen slightly more clearly in , where only the first
gold-brown gradient in the file is rendered (in the large flame on top of the
salamander's upper back), while all the other gold-brown gradients in the large
flames in the file are completely ignored (leaving hollow outlines).  This sure
seems like a bug to me... ~~~~

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