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> [tried sending this via email, trying again]

yeah, trying to reply by email to bugmail doesn't work.

> We've seen these Proxy errors before with the server overloaded.  It's
> currently on singer.  But I don't see (via Ganglia) the huge cpu spikes
> we used to have on bart with nagios.

If my theory is correct, its not caused by load.

> * Edits don't seem to flush the cache properly.  After noticing this
> weekend, I had to action=flush a dozen pages by hand to see my article
> and category changes reflected via normal access.

There was recently some issues with the job queue (bug 27727), may be related
to that (That wouldn't be secure specific though)

> * It's losing the user name on edits, showing up with IP instead.  I'm
> not sure this wasn't due to my user error somehow -- but it was fairly
> frequent back in the old overloaded days, hadn't happened to me for a
> couple of years, and just showed up again yesterday!

That's a more interesting issue, I have no idea what could cause that.

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