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UTC ---
Sorry, I don't understand you. Firstly, I'm not Belayet, and Belayet didn't
post any comment here, so I don't understand why you are talking to him?
Secondly, no, we don't have a Bengali Wikipedia mailing list. Wikimedia-BD is a
chapter list, and that was crated years ago. Community was very small in that
time, and we used Wikimedia-BD as mailing list for all Bengali Wikimedia
project. But you see the description title of that list? "Discussion list for
Bangladeshi Wikimedians", that's not for Bengali exactly, and now you have
Wikimedia-in-WB (discussion list for Wikimedians from West Bengal), that's not
exactly for Bengali Wikipedia either. So now, something only for Bengali
Wikipedia/Dedicated to Bengali Wikipedia is helpful and logical to keep all
Bengali Wikipedia related discussions in one place. Those lists also contains
activity updates which aren't related to Bengali Wikipedia. Also as I described
above, it's difficult for people to follow both lists. On Wikipedia page, we
are currently using the ID of those two lists like "Email list: Wikimedia-BD
(Bangladesh), Wikimedia-in-WB (Inida)". That doesn't make sense, because
Bengali Wikipedia is not exactly related to Bangladesh or India, rather related
to Bengali language, but we have to use that, because we don't have a dedicated
list of this project. And I think as the largest Bengali Wikimedia project, it
deserves it's own. Thanks for your understanding.

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