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@Uzume you are right this new function is not accurately defined.
The keypoint is to give at Lua coders a simple and standardised way to acces all datas.
Probably many points are to discuss.
Labels, descriptions, sitelinks ... help Lua coders like true properties.
If a property as no value the function returns nil and the coder adapt the module.
For multiple value a table-sequence could replace a simple value, then coders can easy adapt their modules.
Also ranks could be add as arguments to select the admissible confidence need by the module, from RANK_PREFERRED to RANK_DEPRECATED.
Perhaps we could add a composite option argument to define ranks, snaks.
In snaks, ['Claims'] is necessary in the internal struture of the base but not for Lua coders.
In snaks, if the property P123 is repeated why ask the second at the Lua coders.
Do you known a better place to discuss all these and others questions.



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