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Thanks for ping @Addshore. I have no strong opinion here. Some rambling below.

Description mentions there are no strong arguments against the move. I wonder what would a win after such move?

I understand it might make sense from WMF point of view as "all things in one place" (but then it should probably rather be moved to Diffusion than to Gerrit, right?). But this library is not installed from github any way, but it is part of mediawiki vendor, so I guess the location of the "main" git repo does not make much of a difference?

This library is used by several tools except Wikibase. For these it might be preferred to keep on Github? But I am not convinced either, for such tools it is probably only important that composer/packagist picks it up and installs it. After move to Gerrit/Differential, I guess we would have a github repo as a mirror for packagist, or would packagist be happy with gerrit/differential repo as well?

In any case, we would probably keep the github repo any way (as a mirror or so) for better visibility of the lib (also referring the recent discussion at the developer summit etc).

So to end up this babbling, I think it would be fair to ask "third-party" users of this library what they think. @Addshore and @JeroenDeDauw are the ones I am aware: what do you guys think?



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