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I would love to include this into what we consider for T182147: more convenience functions for Lua. But I'm afraid the current description is more confusing than helpful.

  • It starts with an example that accesses a qualifier, but never picks this up again.
  • The suggested function is called "property". I believe this does not refer to the entity type we also call "property", but to some property (a.k.a. feature) of some element in the Wikibase data model.
  • What should be returned when you call 'P21' ) with a property name? It would need to be an array of statements, as there can be multiple with the same property ID.
  • What exactly are { 'user', 'page', 'content', 'en', 'de', 'es', } and { 'user', 'fr' } in the examples? It looks like these lists mix language codes with something else. I believe the strings that are not language codes refer to the users language, the page language, as well as the wikis language. The later two are typically (but not always) identical.
  • Again, what is returned when calling the function like this? A single label as a string? An array of labels?

I'm afraid a multi-purpose function like this that can be called in so many different ways, and will return many different things depending on how it is called, is outside of our scope. The community is free to create something like this (and already did similar things), but the Wikidata team is most probably not able to do this for the community.

Can you please help us by collecting the individual use cases that drive this request here, so we can consider them for T182147?



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