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Can you please help us understand the issue better? At the moment, when I look at the given example page, I can not find a "wrong" URL anywhere on that page.

I tried to dig into the code, starting from the message "Language link changed from $1 to $2" given in this tasks description. I did found the message key "wikibase-comment-sitelink-change" appears one time in the code, in SiteLinkCommentCreator::getSiteLinkAddRemoveParams. But all code I see there appears to be correct, and not mix up old and new sitelink.

I'm also looking atדוח_על_השינויים_בהון_העצמי&action=""> andדוח_על_השינויים_בהון&action="">
which are the old and the new page from the example, and can not see an issue there.



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