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Thanks @demon for explanation, and @Addshore for putting the other hat on!

One point that has not been brought up yet, is that it important for the Wikidata team as for maintainers of the said library that the PHP version compatibility is ensured by correct CI setup. We are rather happy with the existing Travis CI setup. While it would definitely not be impossible to have a similar job matrix configured using Gerrit+Jenkins combo, but that would require some work.
Given that the library is not in very active development, we prefer to not change existing working things unless there is a significant need.

Given all what's been said in the comments above, I would go ahead and say the maintainers of the library prefer the most simple solution, i.e. not doing anything. Therefore I decline this task.

This of course does not mean this cannot be revisited in the future, either by re-opening the task, or submitting a new one.



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