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One tip, add &debug=true so it doesn't minify the result and seeing results will be easier:

curl '' | grep -C 50 '/w/extensions/WikimediaBadges/resources/images/badge-golden-star.png'

The result is okay:

.badge-featuredlist {
	list-style-image: url();
	list-style-image: url(/w/extensions/WikimediaBadges/resources/images/badge-golden-star.png?ed948)!ie;

This is part of WikimediaBadges extension:
The thing is that the url is not giving out 404:
The url that was giving out 404 for trwiki had an extra Wikidata bundle:
The reason that the url is struck through in your browser is that, it's not using that url and it's using the SVG version (the above list-style-image rule) instead which is faster.



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