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In an ealier post here, matej_suchanek posted a link to Wikilinks_and_redirects.

As someone experienced in closing RFCs, I'd like to note that the linked discussion is a pretty clear informal consensus that some Wikidata links to redirects are valid and appropriate. If anyone got an impression to the contrary, there key here is to cut through the bombardment of the discussion by a single persistent critic. By my count the discussion was two people opposed to such links, and all six other participants supporting them. It wasn't a formal RFC, but 75% support is generally a pretty clear consensus.

When redundant Wikidata items are directly or indirectly pointing to the same place, obviously they should be cleaned up. However it would be destructive to "clean up" distinct Wikidata items that deliberately point to redirects.

The real fix here is to fix Wikidata's broken restriction preventing two pages from linking to the same Wikidata item, and preventing a Wikidata item from linking to more than one page. You can't arrogantly assert that English gets to define concepts. A structure-X (Houpačka) may be one concept with one word in one language , whereas another language may consider horizontal-structure-X (seesaw) and vertical-structure-X (swing) to be two different concepts.

The English articles for seesaw and swing both need an interwiki links to the Czech article Houpačka, and the Czech article Houpačka needs interwiki links to both seesaw and swing. Until we can create those links, the closest thing we can do is have one of the English pages link to a redirect to the Czech page.



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