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While attending the concert, I upload a picture of AKB48 performing at Fuji Rock.
Besides uploading and adding a caption and description in my language, I must also add "structure" (what used to be known as "categories", among others).

As I am on mobile, searching for all structural elements manually would be too hard. I want the app to suggest me these structural elements. Examples:

  • The picture embeds EXIF latitude/longitude of the concert, so I am suggested "Sanroku" and "Naeba" as the location property.
  • For the "depicting" property, I am suggested "Ski slope" and "concert" (this location is used for skiing during winter and concerts during summer). This is found by retrieving the properties of all nearby pictures, and suggesting the properties (key+value) that are most commonly found one in that area.
  • Structural elements that I have used recently are suggested too.
  • For the "depicting" property, "AKB48" is suggested too, as I have entered it in the caption or description (yes, this means searching structural elements in my language. "AKB48" may be the same in all languages, but my "宇多田ヒカル" becomes "هیکارو اوتادا" for another)

The Android app currently does all of this (but not multilingual).



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