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Replace wd:Q255 and the like with their label according to the user language is the query service result display for entities datatypes.

Labels for item or other entities can be computed through the « wikibase:label » service. This is useful, but causes major performance issues in queries as some queries timeout with the usage of this service while taking a handful of seconds with the query service call commented.

An idea to solve this is to deal with the computing of the label not at the query time with wikibase:label but at the result display time of the result set. This could be way more efficient in some cases, for example when the result set is small but the service is actually called a lot during the query, or when the result set is big but the user actually watch a tiny fraction of it, especially when the ?xLabel variables generated by the service are used only in the « select … { » projection part of the query and never in the « { … } » part.

The case where only a tiny fraction of the result is actually watched by a human may be pretty common as the results in the table view are paged and the full result set may actually not be use to be watch fully by a human but its destiny is actually to be used by an external tool.



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