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I think the simpler the writing of the query is, the better for the user. As a user, I’d prefer not having to care about wikibase:label at all, having a label for a human is such an important and basic thing … Most of the time it’s just annoying to have to add this to a query.

Automatically wrapping the query to solve a problem of performance of a service I’d prefer not having to care about seems like a weird complication to me (almost like a Goldberg machine :). But I don’t care that much and you’re the boss :) I guess the service is needed in some cases anyway and you’ll have to solve the performance issues in these cases as well. My personal opinion however is that it’s moistly useful when we need to use the label variables for some reason to filter the results of the query, and in that case the optimization of wrapping the query will not work as the label has to be computed in any case.



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