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I am waiting for my bus, and have 20 minutes to kill.
I touch "Nearby places" in the Commons app, and a map opens showing me the notable places around me that lack a Commons picture.
I walk to the nearest one, "Sabuli town hall", touch the camera icon, take a picture and confirm.
The app:

  • Uploads the picture to Commons,
  • Links it from the Wikidata item (the map shows Wikidata items that lacks a Commons picture, so we know the QID)
  • Adds the category found in the Wikidata item's P373 "Commons category" if it has any (many Wikidata items have a Commons category but lack a P18 image, sometimes because only centuries old images from colonial times are available, or most often because nobody has taken the time to select one).

Most of this user story's features have already enjoyed long-time popularity from the the app's users, with just the last two bullets being in development right now.



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