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I would close this as invalid for a series of reasons:

  • The screencast is flawed. There are no suggestions popping up. Only the last "containing…" entry pops up, which is supposed to go to Special:Search. So the screencast does not show an error but actually what this ticket asks for.
  • Currently the suggester does find many items with the label "game theory". Which one should be opened by default? Always the first one?
  • This tickets description sounds like it's based on wrong assumptions: There is no "page" with the title "game theory". The critical difference is that titles are unique, while labels are not. This is the main reason why pressing enter does not go to an item page.
  • There is stemming and such involved. What is an "exact" match under these circumstances?
  • It would be critical to make the return key behave in a way that is consistent, and can be relied on by the user. Personally I would find it very confusing if pressing enter sometimes opens the item I expected, and sometimes a "random" one with the same title as the one I was hoping for.
  • This is from 2014. Did anybody else had the same issue since then?



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