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@1339861 This is not always accurate. Moroccan Arabic is used in Education in Morocco. There are also efforts in this context in Algeria, in Tunisia, and in Lebanon. Furthermore, there are many resources that are written in Arabic dialects/languages since the early 20th Century. Scientists in Tunisia have even found school lessons, mystic poems, religious speeches, and administrative information written in Tunisian during the 18th and 19th Century. We will publish a paper about that. However, this is not the most important reason about adding labels in Arabic dialects to Wikidata. In fact, there are many false friends between Arabic dialects and Modern Standard Arabic. Adding labels in Arabic dialects to Wikidata will prevent users from misunderstanding the articles of the Arabic Wikipedia. Furthermore, there are many Arab people who do not have sufficient proficiency to read and understand Modern Standard Arabic as it should be due to the poor literacy rates in some Arab countries. Letting all human knowledge as provided by Wikidata converted into their Arabic dialect will help them to better understand the information they are searching for in Wikipedia editions.



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