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Not true. I'm Lebanese and these so called "efforts" in Lebanon were done by some Christian militias during the Civil war cause they believed that being "Arab" = being "Muslim". These ideas were abandoned after the civil war ended in 1990 and the only people who kept talking about them were radicals. The official language of Lebanon and the Lebanese is Arabic as the constitution says. You are talking as if literal Arabic is not understood in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, like we are writing in what? Classical Medieval Arabic! That's nonsense, and form of Arabic in the Maghrib are Accents and dialects, if some or even all Arabs felt they are harder to understand, its not like they'll have to "learn" it, give them some time and its will be understandable, as for the Maghrabi users, you make it sound like they'll never understand or adapt to Arabic Wikipedia, like they are learning and alien language. I'm totally against this, what you are saying is unconvincing at all.



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