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It appears that the fix committed for this task isn't actually being used. Doing some investigation, I find:

anomie@terbium:~$ mwrepl enwiki
hphpd> $c = Wikibase\Client\WikibaseClient::getDefaultInstance();
$c = Wikibase\Client\WikibaseClient::getDefaultInstance();
hphpd> =Wikimedia\TestingAccessWrapper::newFromObject( $c->getRecentChangeFactory() )->externalUsernames;
=Wikimedia\TestingAccessWrapper::newFromObject( $c->getRecentChangeFactory() )->externalUsernames;

In other words, the new ExternalUsernames class isn't being used in RecentChangeFactory.

hphpd> $cc = Wikimedia\TestingAccessWrapper::newFromObject( $c );
$cc = Wikimedia\TestingAccessWrapper::newFromObject( $c );
hphpd> $s = $cc->siteLookup->getSite( $c->getRepositoryDefinitions()->getDatabaseNames()[''] );                                                             
$s = $cc->siteLookup->getSite( $c->getRepositoryDefinitions()->getDatabaseNames()[''] );
hphpd> =$s->getInterwikiIds();

That's probably why, for whatever reason it's not finding any interwiki ID.

Digging into that SiteLookup class, it looks like someone needs to run whatever maintenance script will repopulate site_identifiers on every wiki, and then make sure it gets re-run in the future whenever the interwiki map changes. That should fix the problem for WMF sites.

I also note that this behavior of not using ExternalUsernames if the client wiki doesn't have an interwiki map entry for the repo is going to start failing once the actor table starts being used. Instead of falling back to just not using ExternalUsernames, you might want to start throwing exceptions to tell people they need to configure the necessary interwiki map entry.



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