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Yea, there is an interface violation in WikibaseClient::getPrefetchingTermLookup as well as WikibaseRepo::getPrefetchingTermLookup. I uploaded as a reminder. For what this ticket here is about you should ignore this and the separate TermBuffer interface and only care about classes implementing PrefetchingTermLookup.

Please try to avoid fiddling with TermIndex, if possible. It is way to heavily bound to the wb_terms table. I feel it exposes to much of the wb_terms table structure, as well as details of the WHERE clause.

When looking at classes like BufferingTermLookup I have similar concerns. It is way to heavily bound to TermIndex, and not worth fiddling with.

I would recommend sticking to the PrefetchingTermLookup interface, and possibly creating a new caching layer that is different from BufferingTermLookup.

@daniel, what do you think?



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