Ladsgroup added a comment.

I wrote an script and fixed all of them in one go except the ones that were protected.

ladsgroup@terbium:~$ mwgrep --module "otherwise, iterate over all properties, fetch their labels and compare this to the given property name" --max-results 200
arwiki              Module:Wikidata
bgwiki              Module:Wikidata
iawiki              Module:Wikidata
idwiki              Module:Wikidata
incubatorwiki       Module:Wp/lrc/Wikidata
kuwiki              Module:Wikidata
mywiki              Module:Wikidata
ptwiki              Module:Wikidata
thwiki              Module:Wikidata
viwiki              Module:Wikidata
zhwiki              Module:Wikidata
zhwiki              Module:Wikidata2
zhwiki              Module:沙盒/Dabao qian/Wikidata
zhwiki              Module:沙盒/PhiLiP/Wikidata

I think getting this done is good because they would get only related notifications instead of getting it for every edit that happens on the statements.



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