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One sidelight on this. QS2 is great (invaluable!) for adding new statements, but not so good for modifying existing statements, especially if they are currently heavily qualified or referenced -- at the moment, the entire statement complete with all qualifiers and references has to be re-created, even if one only wants to change one qualifier value, or migrate the property being used for the qualifier.

Not sure what the answer is for this, but it may be a sharper issue for Structured Data, because there may be types of statements there (eg attributions?) that we will be expecting to quite heavily qualified, as part of the data model.

One other thing to note is that QS2 is currently throttled a lot slower than eg Cat-a-lot on Commons. If the Structured equivalent of Cat-a-lot were using QS2 as a back-end (not an unreasonable possibility), it will seem x10 or x50 more sluggish than the present Cat-a-lot.



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