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Revisiting this after some time,
Since we implemented usage deduplicator to squeeze too many modifiers into one general one and several other tuning to make fine-grained usage tracking more robust, it's hard for me to see the gains we can get from moving to a dedicated shard at the moment. This might come handy when data usage becomes too big in the movement but that level of engage hasn't happened yet. Moving to a dedicated shard translates to lots of resource needed.

What I propose here is to wait until all of tunings gets propagated through all cache layers for all pages which hopefully will happen in the next week. Then take a look at storage of the tables and decide if it's going to become problematic or not. One note to consider is that we are planning to shrink logging table in all wikis. Specially for wikidata and commons that it frees up 99% of the table storage for them (for Wikidata, it's 200GB). That might gives us some storage for more useful data (like wbc_entity_usage)



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