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Current state of target title editing possibilities:

  • When new translation is started, by finding page through "New translation" dialog or starting translation of Suggestions item, target title stays the same as title of source page. First time you can edit target title in this scenario is on translation view.
  • If redirect page is selected as source in "New translation" dialog, source page will be target page of that redirect and target title will be title of redirect page.
  • If user provides from, to and page in Content Translation URL, search is initiated in "New translation" dialog. Additional parameter targettitle allows to specify target title before translation view. Not sure if this option is possible without playing with URL.

Unless there are other ways to provide target title, editing on translation view seems only realistic option for majority of users. Previously, there was a way for user to specify target title explicitly on "New translation dialog" and using MT seems better option now compared to before, if using MT is considered to draw user's attention towards editing the target title as well.



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