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The reason why different projects develop different modules is that different communities have different demands. Working on the English Wikipedia has led me to alter the original line of coding that I developed early on.

I think it's important to examine the demand for functionality in order to determine which functions would be most valuable. On en-wp there is already an acceptance that any locally supplied value must override whatever may exist on Wikidata. That may be easiest to code within a module. There is also consensus that Wikidata may be used within infoboxes, but not elsewhere (with minor exceptions). See

Beyond that, the two demands that are strongest are that information pulled from Wikidata must be sourced (not just "Imported from xyz Wikipedia), and that the use of Wikidata on any article must be able to be determined on an article-by-article basis - in other words, the fetching of Wikidata into an infobox has be enabled by a conscious decision on each article. See,_opt-in_or_opt-out? and

The code to implement a whitelist (a flexible way to create "opt-in" infoboxes) is probably best left to the module.

There is code to meet those requirements in but it would be valuable to have "smart" utility functions to encapsulate some of the common jobs such as returning a table of formatted wikitext, (taking into account links to redirects (should be linked) and dab pages (should not be linked)), as well as handling all date values according to precision and era, ranges of quantities, etc. In each case, the default needs to be to return only properly sourced values (with the option to return all values by setting a parameter).

It would also be appreciated if a similar generalised function could retrieve values that are stored on Wikidata as values of a given qualifier i.e. value of property1 -> qualifier -> property2 as there is little consistency on how properties are stored.

Similarly, there is a demand for a function that scans a property prop1 in the current page (or another page if qid is given) and for each value of the property that is a wikibase item, it fetches all of the values of prop2; then for each value of prop2 it retrieves each qualifier and its returns its value. That's potentially a hugely expensive function as it has to load multiple entities not directly associated with the current page using arbitrary access. There's some code to do that at the getValueQualIndirect function in but I'm loathe to make it more generally available unless the overhead can be significantly reduced. Something for thought by the developers.



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