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re: FormIdFormatter and SenseIdFormatter - I thought they might later be extended to a real implementation, which is why I was concerned, but as long as its just a dummy implementation that's eventually going away, that's all cool.

re: click-jacking: Yeah, it really is a wikidata issue. It does not block deployment of wikibaselexeme. As long as someone intends to look into the issue, I'm happy.

comma-separator is a message from core, and intentionally contains HTML (but no wiki syntax). As far as I can see we are using it correctly. Yes, we are aware messages with HTML are problematic, and we avoid it whenever possible.

In MediaWiki core, that message is always used as wfMessage( 'comma-separator' )->escaped(); WikibaseLexeme should similarly escape it. (In mediawiki core, the wfMessage()->escaped() format does not double encode entities, so   stays as   after escaping).

So I'd still like to see the comma-separator thing changed (which is very a minor issue), but otherwise this looks good and is good to go.



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