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So far all the examples for queries that are timing out are queries that produce massive amount of data or are very complex

That's the reason why queries time out. There's no magic to it - queries that time out are those that require the engine to process a huge amount of data. It can be either because interpretation of the query by the engine is wrong (such as Optimizer bugs) or the query is written in a bad way, or the query is genuinely requiring the engine to do a lot of work. In the first two cases, you can try to rewrite the query in a way that would direct engine to do less work to achieve the same result. In the latter case, there's nothing to be done - if you want to use a shared service to consume more resources, that means everybody else gets proportionally less resources. We indeed may need to look into how to serve the resource-heavy requests too, but please realize that apparent textual simplicity of the query does not mean it doesn't process millions of entities. That's pretty much always the reason query is slow (bugs excluded of course).



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