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So post-mortem, I think there are 4 different things here:

  • T189519: Audit switch ports/descriptions/enable (and do this on an ongoing basis)
  • T189522: Detect IP address collisions
  • General enhancements on our server provisioning and decommissioning pipeline, which has a bunch of long-standing issues, but also requires a more dedicated long-term effort. I'm sure there's one or more tasks related to this, but more broadly, this work stream is something that has been incorporated into our (draft) annual plan as a major item next year.
  • (Tagential) Triage the decom queue in a more prompt way to avoid servers lingering for months after their service decom.

My apologies for all the wasted engineering time -- this is a pretty unfortunate, and pretty basic issue that continues to bite us :(



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