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OK, let me summarize my situation, as of today:

  • Essentially, all my Wikidata edits (both bots and _javascript_ on Toolforge) run through the same OAuth PHP class I wrote
  • Every single edit (including "create item") runs with a "maxlag=5" parameter.
  • If the edit fails because of maxlag, it will wait 5 seconds, then try again, until it succeeds.
  • This mechanism has been in place for months.
  • As of today, after every edit (including "create item"), it will check the current lag on Wikidata.
  • If the current lag is >1 sec, it will sleep three times the lag (in int seconds; so, if lag is 1.5 sec, it will sleep int(3*1.5)=4 seconds) before returning.
  • If that check fails for some reason, it will sleep a pre-defined time for each edit type (create item=2sec, edit=1 sec)

That is a total of three different rate limitations (two dynamic, one hardcoded fallback). Personally, I consider that beyond due diligence, verging on paranoia. Therefore, I consider this matter resolved, as far as my tools are concerned.



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