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Thanks for the detailed feedback @kaldari . We're in the process of researching how to improve wording for the instructional text, and JMo is helping us run a study/survey that you can track here (https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T190428)

Here are my impressions as a Beta Tester...

Personal background for context: Long-time Commons user and administrator (over 2,000 file uploads and 17,000 edits on Commons), also helped write the UploadWizard (sorry!)

The UI looks good and seems to work great (I tried adding multiple languages and copying them).

I was totally confused though as to what a "caption" was. In Wikipedia, a caption is always a description of an image in the context of an article. Since there is no article context in the Upload Wizard, I had no idea what to actually write as a caption. The instructions offered, "Add a brief caption of the file.", don't help to explain it. Once the uploading process was complete, I didn't see the captions that I wrote anywhere, which was also confusing. After a bit of clicking around, I figured out that the captions were actually used as Wikibase labels. I'm wondering if "caption" is the word we actually want to use here. Maybe "label" or "short description" would be better? Since I'm not sure what the actual intended purpose of these Wikibase labels is, I'm not sure what suggestion would be best.

Another thing that was slightly confusing was the instructions for the description field: "Describe what is notable about the file." I realize this is just a shortened version of the old help text ("Briefly describe everything notable about the work. For a photo, mention the main things that are depicted, the occasion, or the place."), but I feel like the overall gist of the instructions has been lost.

Keep up the great work!



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