Lydia_Pintscher removed subtasks: T143820: [Story] Identify Sister City inconsistancies, T127474: Finding good-faith contributors with ORES, T127473: Increase signal of feature set for Wikidata model, T127471: How to improve querying:, T127470: Deploy item quality classification model for Wikidata, T127463: Property proposal process:, T118463: [Story] Wikidata support for IFTTT, T103092: [Story] research editing on clients, T103091: [Task] research how to surface usage tracking data for editors, T102792: [Task] Research ways to order properties on an item page, T99895: [Epic] Article placeholder based on data from Wikidata, T90879: adapt machine learning tools to Wikidata for spam and vandalism fighting, T90871: write additional tours.



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