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In the interest of moving this task forward, I’ll try to make up some reasonable answers to the questions asked in the task description:

What happens if one value has a statement qualifier for the separating property and one doesn’t?

Acceptable. I can imagine, for example, one main “official website” (preferred rank, supports multiple languages) and then another language- or region-specific one (with qualifier).

Are two unknown values for the separating property considered different?

Considered different, following the semantics of our RDF export (where unknown value maps to different, unique blank nodes, which are all different from each other).

What happens if values have multiple qualifiers for the separating properties?

Be lenient and accept the values as long as the sets of qualifiers are different, even if they partially overlap.

Should this also extend to the “multi value” constraint (e. g. must have multiple values with different values qualifiers for the separating property)?

No such constraint currently defined on Wikidata, so let’s not bother with that for now.

Does anyone disagree with any of those answers? :)



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