hoo added a comment.

Just to give an idea of what I was working on last:

Right now we take the correlation based on all properties that are present on an Item (just by their presence!). Also we take the the correlation based on the instance of/ subclass of values. This is when being aggregated by taking the average probability (equally ranking the property presence and the instance of/ subclass of derived probabilities). This usually leads to the instance of/ subclass of correlations having very little influence, as they are outweighed by the sheer number of other properties used on an Item fast.

My suggestion now (and I already had some code for that on GitHub) was to make it possible to weight these types of correlation, so that for example the instance of/ subclass of correlations have the same (0.5) weight than all property presence based correlations.

From where we could take further (still simple) steps like discrim



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